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Silikon 1000

What Is Silikon 1000

Silikon 1000 is a type of medical grade silicon oil that was originally developed and used to correct retinal detachments. Recently it has become popular for use as a filler within the beauty industry.

Most fillers used within the beauty industry produce only temporary results because the body overtime absorbs the chemicals that the fillers are composed of. Siikon 1000 is one of those rare fillers that produce permanent results, because the body does not absorb and break it down over time.

The Use of Silikon 1000 in Beauty

Cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists have been using Silikon 1000 for around 30 years with great success. It was not originally designed for use in the area of cosmetic enhancement, so is not licensed for cosmetic use by the FDA. However years of experience shows that when used by properly qualified cosmetic surgeons there is a very low risk of any adverse side effects.

Silikon 1000 is used for lip augmentation, to treat scars, sagging issues around the eyes and to improve the appearance of the nose area in particular the nasolabial fold. It is also used on deep wrinkles and on frown lines, especially those across the bridge of the nose and those around the mouth.

Patients who are showing the early stages of ageing in their face can often avoid having a surgical facelift with the help of a skilled cosmetic surgeon and Silikon 1000.

A few cosmetic surgeons also use it to augment the buttocks, but this is still a relatively new use of the product. However, the use of the Silikon 1000 to fill in small areas such as dips and dents on the nose are very effective and can prevent the patient from needing surgery to correct these imperfections.

How Does Silikon 1000 Work?

Tiny drops (micro-drops) of Silikon 1000 are injected into the area that needs to be filled. Your body then forms collagen around each droplet, which means that the area is slowly filled with more body tissue. Injections are spaced out over a month or so to give your body time to produce collagen and to ensure that the area does not become over-filled.

Is Silikon 1000 For Me?

If you want to have a cosmetic procedure that involves a filler then Silikon 1000 is usually a good choice.

It is vital that you only allow a very experienced cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist to use Silikon 1000 on you. Bear in mind that the results, be they good or bad, are permanent. Also make sure that the surgeon is planning to use the micro-injection technique most problems occur when too much of the product is injected into an area too quickly.

Because Silikon 1000 is permanent filler it is wise to have the area filled by your surgeon with a non-permanent silicone filler to see if you like the overall effect. Once the non-permanent filler has been absorbed by your body, if you like the effect, ask your surgeon to repeat the procedure using Silikon 1000 to produce a permanent change. If you plan to take this approach ask your cosmetic surgeon if this is viable for the area you want to have enhanced.

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